GRANDMA Charged with Attempted Murder After Allegedly Poisoning Husband in Soap Opera Scam Gone Wrong

TOWNSEND, Massachusetts — A woman from Townsend, Massachusetts, has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly poisoning her husband. The incident occurred after the woman was targeted by a scammer pretending to be a soap opera star.

According to court documents, the woman had been exchanging text messages with someone she believed to be actor Thorsten Kaye from the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”. The scammer manipulated her into believing that she needed to “get rid of her husband”. The woman also fell victim to the scammer’s request for money.

The situation came to light when the woman made a 911 call on December 1, 2023, reporting that her 73-year-old husband was unresponsive. Her husband was subsequently hospitalized and informed his daughter that his wife had made him soup, which tasted bitter.

Upon investigating the case, police discovered damning text messages on the woman’s phone, exchanged between her and the scammer. The messages, sent on the same day as the 911 call, indicated that the woman had made a soup with a “special potion” for her husband and mentioned the possibility of collecting life insurance.

The woman, identified as Roxanne Doucette, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder, as well as other offenses including resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer. When the police tried to apprehend her, she resisted and kicked an officer.

Despite the evidence, Doucette tearfully denies all allegations against her, claiming that she did not poison her husband and that the soup was only old. A limited toxicology test on her husband came back negative, but the investigation is ongoing.

In summary, a woman from Townsend, Massachusetts, has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly poisoning her husband after falling victim to a scammer impersonating a soap opera star. The investigation is ongoing, and the woman maintains her innocence despite damning text messages exchanged with the scammer and her subsequent arrest.