Greta Gerwig Responds to Jo Koy’s Controversial Barbie Joke at Golden Globes

London, United Kingdom – Greta Gerwig, renowned writer-director, has weighed in on a controversial joke made by comedian Jo Koy at the Golden Globes. Koy, who hosted the awards ceremony, faced criticism for his jokes that fell flat with many of the celebrities in attendance. One of his gags drew particular backlash for referring to Gerwig’s blockbuster starring Margot Robbie as a film adaptation of “a plastic doll with big boobs.” While online commentators labeled the remark sexist and disgusting, Gerwig offered a more sympathetic view, stating, “Well, you know, he’s not wrong.”

During an interview on Radio 4’s “Today” program, Gerwig elaborated on her perspective with a laugh, acknowledging that the doll, Barbie, was indeed the first mass-produced doll with breasts. However, she expressed that her film went beyond surface-level representation, touching on deeper themes despite its seemingly superficial nature. Barbie was a standout nominee at the Golden Globes, although it only secured two out of nine possible awards: Best Original Song and the inaugural Golden Globe for cinematic and box office achievement.

Following the event, Koy reflected on his hosting experience during an interview on GMA3. He admitted that it had been a challenging task in a tough room and acknowledged that he had an off night. While the comedian expressed disappointment, he recognized the hosting position as a different style from his stand-up comedy routine.

In conclusion, Gerwig offered a nuanced response to Koy’s joke about her film, recognizing some truth in it while emphasizing the deeper themes explored. Koy reflected on the challenges of hosting the Golden Globes and acknowledged falling short on that particular night. The controversy surrounding Koy’s jokes at the awards ceremony sparked a discussion about the role of humor in such events.

Note: The information presented in this article is based on interviews and public statements made by the individuals mentioned. The article does not aim to endorse or criticize any specific comedy routine or event. It focuses on the perspectives shared by the individuals involved.