Guntur Kaaram Box Office Collections Pose Stiff Challenge to Mahesh Babu’s Stardom

GUNTUR, India – Mahesh Babu, a renowned Indian film star, is facing an unexpected setback as his latest movie “Guntur Kaaram” struggles at the box office. The film’s poor reception has gained substantial attention on social media and through public talk videos, prompting many family audiences to cancel their ticket bookings. In a surprising move, exhibitors have made the top rows in multiplexes and stand-alone theaters, usually reserved for celebrities and government officers, available for public purchase on BookMyShow due to the lack of demand. However, even with these changes, the movie’s future bookings remain disheartening.

The situation is particularly dire for “Guntur Kaaram” in the United States, where its second day of release witnessed underwhelming ticket sales. On Saturday, the film only collected $200,678, significantly lower than the remarkable $650,000 earned by “Hanu-man,” another movie currently screening in theaters. The third day estimates predict further success for “Hanu-man,” with projections hinting at a collection of nearly $700,000. As a result, the disappointing performance of “Guntur Kaaram” continues to be overshadowed by the triumph of “Hanu-man,” not only at home but also abroad.

These challenging circumstances have taken a toll on Mahesh Babu’s popularity, particularly in the Telugu market in the United States. Known for his box office draw, Babu now faces stiff competition from Teja Sajja’s “Hanu-man.” As the dreams of success for “Guntur Kaaram” dwindle, the film’s lackluster performance has become a subject of concern for Babu and his supporters.

In conclusion, “Guntur Kaaram” is proving to be a significant hurdle in Mahesh Babu’s stardom, as the film fails to resonate with audiences and achieve the desired box office success. Conversely, “Hanu-man” continues its triumphant run, both domestically and internationally, surpassing its counterpart’s disappointing performance. These developments have forced Babu to face an unexpected setback, tarnishing his reputation as a leading star in the Telugu film industry.