Guntur Kaaram Faces Backlash, While Hanu-Man Emerges as Box Office Champion

HYDERABAD, INDIA – The battle at the box office this season has seen some films soaring while others struggle to make a mark. One film that has captured the audience’s attention and emerged as the victor is “Hanu-Man,” directed by Prashanth Varma and starring Teja Sajja. With substantial collections worldwide, this film has become the box office champion. In fact, “Hanu-Man” is even surpassing major films like “Guntur Kaaram” at the USA box office.

The success of “Hanu-Man” extends beyond the international market. In India, both the Telugu and Hindi versions of the film have been drawing full houses, with screenings consistently sold out across centers. In just three days, the film has already collected an impressive gross of Rs 50 Cr on the domestic front, a feat achieved with a limited number of theaters.

On the other hand, “Guntur Kaaram” started with a bang, featuring numerous special shows right from the early hours of its release. However, the film faced an immediate backlash with negative reviews. Unfavorable buzz spread rapidly on social media and among different audience circles, resulting in a sharp decline in collections from the second day onwards. It appears that the movie’s run at the box office may come to an end within the next couple of days, especially with the vacation season winding down. So far, “Guntur Kaaram” has made a gross collection of Rs 82 Cr, including the first-day opening collections with increased ticket prices.

High expectations surrounded Nagarjuna’s film “Naa Saami Ranga,” set in a village backdrop. While the opening day saw significant patronage, particularly from family audiences, the overall reception has not been as encouraging as anticipated. Nevertheless, the film has managed to garner an average response for its content.

Another film that failed to capture the audience’s attention is “Saindhav.” Venkatesh’s movie, centered around a sentiment involving a daughter and an action theme related to a drug cartel, didn’t attract much traction due to its serious content. The outlook for the film’s full run appears dim, especially beyond this Monday and Tuesday, as the vacation season concludes.

Amidst the new releases of Sankranthi, one film continues to grab attention – “Salaar-Part 1- Ceasefire.” Although its collections are declining, it stands out as the only film still making waves. With a remarkable worldwide gross of Rs 705 Crores, “Salaar-Part 1- Ceasefire” solidifies its status as a superhit. It now ranks as the second biggest hit in Prabhas’ career, following “Bahubali: The Conclusion.”

The battle at the box office rages on, with each film fighting for its place in the industry. As the season progresses, it remains to be seen which films will rise and which will fall.