Halle Bailey Surprises Fans with the Birth of Her First Child

LOS ANGELES – Halle Bailey, star of “The Little Mermaid,” surprised fans by announcing the birth of her first child on Saturday. The actress took to Instagram to share a photo of her baby boy, named Halo, holding his tiny hand. The newborn sported a gold bracelet with his name engraved on it, confirming his moniker.

In the caption, Bailey expressed her joy and gratitude for becoming a mother, calling her son “my halo” and welcoming him to the world. She playfully added that “the world is desperate to know” him. Bailey’s boyfriend, rapper DDG, also shared the news on his Instagram page, expressing his love for their “biggest blessing.”

The pregnancy rumors surrounding Bailey had been circulating for months, but she never officially confirmed the news. In fact, she even jokingly told fans to leave her alone when they commented on her “pregnancy nose” in a social media video she shared in November.

Bailey and DDG have been dating since 2022, and they made their relationship Instagram-official in March of that year. The couple attended the BET Awards together in June, marking their red carpet debut. Despite the speculations and hints, Bailey managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps until now.

Bailey’s decision to hide her pregnancy was evident in her outfit choices. At the MTV VMAs in September 2023, she wore a flowing orange dress that cleverly concealed her stomach. Social media users speculated about her pregnancy based on her wardrobe choices and edited Instagram photos.

Throughout her pregnancy, Bailey continued to cover up on social media, using creative angles and wearing blazers to hide her baby bump. Fans eagerly awaited her announcement, and she finally revealed the news with the birth of her son, Halo.

Congratulations to Halle Bailey and DDG on the arrival of their baby boy. The couple is now embracing their new roles as parents, and the world is excited to get to know Halo.