HanuMan Film Surpasses ₹100 Crore Mark at Indian Box Office in Just 9 Days

Hyderabad, India – The Telugu-language superhero film “HanuMan” has crossed the ₹100 crore mark at the box office in India. Directed by Prasanth Varma, the film was released on January 12 and has achieved this milestone in just over a week, according to Sacnilk.com. Starring Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Vinay Rai, “HanuMan” has gained popularity among audiences.

In its first week, “HanuMan” earned ₹99.85 crore, with ₹73.89 crore from the Telugu version, ₹24.5 crore from the Hindi version, ₹78 lakh from the Tamil version, ₹52 lakh from the Kannada version, and ₹16 lakh from the Malayalam version. On the ninth day, the film collected ₹14.25 crore nett across all languages, bringing its total earnings to ₹114.10 crore.

Not only has “HanuMan” performed well in India, but it has also achieved success on the global stage. The film has crossed the ₹100 crore mark worldwide and has garnered praise for its performance in limited screens and with minimal ticket prices. Produced by Primeshow Entertainment, “HanuMan” has been hailed as a small film with big impact.

Set in the fictional village of Anjanadri, “HanuMan” is the beginning of the Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe (PVCU). The film explores the journey of a young boy who gains superpowers through Lord Hanuman’s grace and uses them to fight for his people and his religion. It blends elements of Indian history and mythology with superhero action sequences and comedy to create an entertaining cinematic experience.

Lead actor Teja Sajja expressed his excitement about the film, highlighting how the concept of a superhero film was enticing to him. He emphasized the blend of entertainment and history in “HanuMan,” stating that it aims to entertain with superhero action sequences and comedy while also connecting with Indian history.

With its impressive box office performance and positive reception, “HanuMan” has captivated audiences in India and beyond. The film’s success serves as a testament to the appeal of superhero stories and their ability to resonate with viewers. As “HanuMan” continues its run in theaters, it is expected to further solidify its place among the top-performing films of the year.

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