Heartwarming Chemistry: Ahn Bo Hyun and Kwak Si Yang as Close and Endearing Brothers in ‘Flex x Cop’

Seoul, South Korea – Ahn Bo Hyun and Kwak Si Yang are set to portray endearing brothers in the upcoming SBS drama “Flex x Cop.” The series follows the story of Jin Yi Soo, an immature third-generation chaebol who becomes a detective, and Lee Kang Hyun, the first female team leader in the Homicide Department.

Ahn Bo Hyun tackles the role of Jin Yi Soo, a chaebol heir who enters the detective world. Meanwhile, Kwak Si Yang stars as Jin Seung Joo, Jin Yi Soo’s older brother and the vice president of Hansoo Group. Jin Seung Joo not only assists his brother in his transition to becoming a detective, but he is also his closest friend.

The released stills from the drama showcase the contrasting personalities of the two brothers. Jin Yi Soo is seen lounging in casual sleepwear, with a mischievous nature evident from the bandaid on his nose. On the other hand, Jin Seung Joo presents himself as a model citizen in a well-tailored suit, highlighting their polar opposite characters and adding an element of anticipation to their relationship.

Additional stills depict the warm relationship between the brothers, with Jin Seung Joo’s proud expression as he watches Jin Yi Soo in his sharp police uniform.

“Flex x Cop” is set to premiere on January 26, 2024, at 10 p.m. KST. Fans can also catch Ahn Bo Hyun in the drama “Yumi’s Cells.”

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