Holly’s Coma Triggers Chaos: War Between Kiriakis and DiMeras on Days of Our Lives

SALEM, Mass. – In an intense week ahead on “Days of Our Lives,” Lucas gets an offer that could change everything. The gripping storyline unfolds as various characters deal with the aftermath of Holly’s coma.

Tensions rise as EJ refuses to believe that Holly overdosed on drugs. He shifts the blame onto Tate and holds Stefan accountable for his involvement in drug trafficking. While the situation worsens, Brady tries to take the fall for Tate but is unsuccessful, resulting in Tate’s own arrest.

The heartbreaking situation leaves Holly on life support, causing Maggie to grieve for her granddaughter. As a somber atmosphere surrounds her bedside, EJ, Nicole, and Eric remain vigilant. A shocking revelation from Sloan to Melina shakes their world as it is revealed that Nicole may lose her surviving child to a drug overdose.

In the midst of turmoil, Holly and Theresa visit Tate in jail only to find that he has been beaten up. Brady, distraught over his son being locked up and facing adult charges, airs his grievances at the police station. Meanwhile, a rift develops between Theresa, Justin, and Alex, with Justin ultimately opting out of the case due to differences in legal strategy.

As the drama unfolds, Brady confronts Nicole and EJ, leading to a heated exchange. The tension escalates as Chad confronts Stefan and Ava, demanding answers regarding the DiMeras’ involvement in the drug trade. Unsurprisingly, they are found to be deeply entangled with Clyde Weston, furthering the complexity of the storyline.

Additionally, a mysterious character named Harris presents Kate with an opportunity to free Lucas from prison. However, Kate is wary of the dangers involved, noting that Lucas could face lethal consequences if caught. It becomes evident that Harris has ulterior motives and wants Lucas to become his secret informant on the inside.

The promo concludes with both Brady and EJ taking solemn oaths, signaling the intensifying conflict between the Kiriakis, DiMera, and Brady families. Long-time fans of the show may find a sense of deja vu in this fierce rivalry.

For avid viewers seeking more excitement, spoilers are available to unveil what Marlena witnesses and who gains the upper hand in the clash between Steve and John.

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