Hong-Kim Coin: Fans’ Fierce Petitions Fail to Save Popular KBS Variety Program

SEOUL, South Korea – The popular variety program ‘Hong-Kim Coin’ has faced the disappointment of its fans as KBS, the broadcasting station, has announced its cancellation. Despite persistent petitions from the viewers, KBS stood by its decision, citing reasons such as low viewership and financial constraints.

The program, which aired since July 2022, aimed to break away from the formulaic formats of contemporary variety shows by focusing on humor and experimenting with different styles within a single episode. This unique approach garnered positive responses from both domestic and international viewers, establishing a loyal fanbase.

In an official statement released on January 5, KBS explained that despite their efforts to expand the program’s audience through various strategies like time slot adjustments, reruns, special episodes, and promotion on streaming platforms, ‘Hong-Kim Coin’ failed to attract more viewers.

The broadcasting station expressed that discussions about the show’s cancellation had been ongoing since April 2023. Over the course of nine months, KBS attempted to increase viewership but concluded that the program was unsustainable. The decision to end the show was influenced not only by its consistently low ratings but also by the financial burden it placed on KBS.

Unfortunately, the power of fan support was insufficient this time to save ‘Hong-Kim Coin,’ a variety program featuring Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se Ho, Joo Woo Jae, and Wooyoung from 2PM. The show’s cancellation leaves its dedicated fanbase disheartened.

Despite its experimental nature and positive reception from viewers, the KBS variety show ‘Hong-Kim Coin’ will no longer be on air. The decision was based on factors such as poor viewership ratings and financial challenges faced by the broadcasting station.