Hummingbird-Watching Takes Flight with Innovative HummViewer Face Mask

LOVELAND, COLORADO – A unique bird-watching product featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank” has experienced unexpected success and proven itself to be far more than a novelty item. HummViewer, the company behind the invention, produces clear face masks with sugar-water reservoirs designed to attract and provide an up-close view of hummingbirds. Since its appearance on the popular show in 2022, the Loveland-based company has sold out of 1,500 units within a day, generating $102,000 in sales. The demand for the product has continued to grow, with over 2,000 back orders. In just eight months following their segment on “Shark Tank,” HummViewer has brought in $350,000 in revenue and allowed the founders, Joan and John Creed, to quit their full-time jobs.

One of the factors contributing to the company’s success is the unexpected joy and experience that comes with using the HummViewer. Daniel Lubetzky, the guest investor on “Shark Tank” and founder of Kind Snacks, expressed his appreciation for the product, noting that it appears like a joke initially but quickly becomes an immersive encounter with nature. Lubetzky’s investment has also allowed the Creeds to receive his guidance and expertise in the areas of retail and marketing.

However, the path to success has not been without its challenges. Following their appearance on television, the Creeds discovered numerous fraudulent copycat websites and unauthorized sellers attempting to profit from their patented invention. These fraudulent sellers have been persistent, continuously reappearing on different platforms with new company names even after being removed. To combat this, the couple enlisted the help of an attorney to remove these sellers from platforms like Amazon and AliExpress.

Another hurdle the Creeds faced was ensuring consistent quality control as demand for the product increased. Ordering additional units from their Chinese factory resulted in a decrease in quality, with scratches, smudges, and ill-fitting parts. John Creed traveled to China to address these issues personally, working closely with the manufacturer to ensure proper assembly of the product. The couple has resolved these issues and anticipate that future shipments of HummViewers will include significant improvements.

Despite these obstacles, the Creeds expressed gratitude for the attention and revenue their appearance on “Shark Tank” has brought them. They credited the show with providing them the opportunity to begin a new business and learn valuable lessons. This newfound success has brought a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the couple, who have embarked on a brand-new venture while their peers are entering retirement.