I.S.S. Opens at Box Office with $3.3M, Sets Sights on $10M Revenue

LOS ANGELES – The weekend box office for new movie releases was relatively weak, with the impact of the ongoing strike and the typical January slump contributing to lower numbers. All titles combined are expected to earn around $68 million, an 8% decrease compared to the same weekend last year. In the first two weekends of January, the box office grossed $85.7 million and $97 million, respectively.

Paramount’s “Mean Girls”, in its second weekend, is projected to make $11 million, marking a 62% decline. After ten days, the film’s total earnings will reach $49.3 million, currently pacing 17% ahead of its predecessor, the 2004 version.

“The Beekeeper”, directed by David Ayer and starring Jason Statham, is in its second frame and stands at second place with an estimated $8.3 million. The film is expected to have a ten-day total of $31 million, surpassing last year’s January action movie “The Gentleman” which finalized its run at $36.4 million.

Bleecker Street’s “I.S.S.”, a thriller set on the International Space Station and starring Ariana DeBose, Chris Messina, and John Gallagher Jr., was the only wide release of the weekend. Despite a lukewarm box office opening of $3.3 million at 2,520 theaters, the film follows the distribution model of Lionsgate, aiming for a strong performance in ancillary windows. Bleecker Street is anticipated to make around $10 million in total revenue from the film, with a final box office ranging between $5 million and $7 million. Critics gave it a 62% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and exit surveys revealed a mixed response from moviegoers.

Meanwhile, Imax’s “Queen Rock Montreal” filled the gap in the market for event films with a one-weekend launch. The concert film is estimated to earn $1.72 million from 387 auditoriums, particularly performing well in Canada, New York, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

NEON’s Ava DuVernay drama “Origin” had a limited release in 125 theaters across 31 markets. The film, the highest tested in the distributor’s history, is projected to earn around $833,000, potentially reaching the high end of NEON’s expectations. Key Black theaters in Baltimore, Chicago, and Atlanta were targeted, and the movie received positive reviews, with an 81% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Overall, the box office remains sluggish due to the ongoing strike and the typical slump in January. However, there are some promising performances from select films as they navigate the changing landscape of the industry.