Imax and Adam McKay’s Hyperobject Industries Kickstart Production on Stormbound: A Captivating Documentary on Storm Chaser Jeff Gammons

Palm Beach, Florida – Imax and Adam McKay’s Hyperobject Industries have embarked on the production of “Stormbound,” a feature documentary that follows storm chaser Jeff Gammons. The project, directed by Miko Lim using Imax film and Imax digital cameras, is set for release in 2025 across the Imax theater network.

Storm chasers, akin to firefighters, offer a frontline perspective on the changing climate, according to McKay. The documentary aims to capture the terrifying and awe-inspiring pursuit of storm chasing in the immersive Imax format. Imax head of documentaries, John Turner, described “Stormbound” as a documentary blockbuster with incredible storytelling and an unparalleled immersive experience.

The film delves into the perilous world of storm chasing during the peak US storm season, showcasing nature’s raw power and one man’s quest for peace in unlikely surroundings. It features never-before-seen footage of hurricanes Charley, Florence, Ian, Irma, and Katrina.

Florida-based Jeff Gammons, a weather spotter for West Palm Beach’s WPTV and a professional storm chaser for three decades, forms the focal point of the documentary. In a personal twist, Gammons’ wife donated a kidney in September to save his life.

“Stormbound” is produced by McKay, Todd Schulman, Trevor Jones, and Imax’s John Turner. Stephanie Mercado from Hyperobject Industries serves as the executive producer.

Adam McKay’s production company, Hyperobject Industries, takes its name from philosopher Timothy Morton’s concept of hyperobjects – forces that affect our lives but are beyond our limited perception. The company explores the social, economic, political, and environmental forces shaping our existence in these uncertain times.

In conclusion, Imax and Hyperobject Industries have commenced the production of “Stormbound,” a feature documentary that provides a captivating glimpse into the world of storm chasing. The film follows the journey of storm chaser Jeff Gammons and shines a light on the raw power of nature. Scheduled for release in 2025, “Stormbound” promises audiences an immersive experience like never before as it showcases the beauty and brutality of storms captured using Imax film and cameras.