Insightful Coming-of-Age Comedy ‘My Old Ass’ Offers Hilarious Twist on Time Travel

TORONTO – In an amusing and emotional second feature, Megan Park presents a fresh take on the fantasy of advising one’s younger self. “My Old Ass” is a sweetly insightful coming-of-age comedy that follows the journey of Elliott, an 18-year-old who is so focused on leaving her small-town life behind for college that she becomes somewhat of a jerk to those around her. The film, intended for young adult audiences, explores the notion of appreciating the present and recognizing the value of one’s youth.

The movie introduces Elliott as a self-involved teenager who plans to head to the big city for college. She may not be instantly lovable, but her character growth is central to the film’s narrative. Park cleverly employs a magic trick by introducing Elliott to her 39-year-old self during a hallucination. The older version of Elliott imparts wisdom and advice, urging her younger self to cherish moments, respect her family, and avoid certain individuals.

Aubrey Plaza’s portrayal of the older Elliott is convincing and heartfelt. She brings a weariness and nostalgia to the role, emphasizing the importance of seizing the present and learning from past mistakes. The dialogue between the young and old versions of Elliott allows for a supernatural yet relatable exploration of personal growth and decision-making.

One particular warning from the older Elliott revolves around a man named Chad. Though initially seeming harmless, Elliott quickly learns the significance of this advice as she navigates her teenage years and her own questioning of her sexual identity. With casual profanity, drug use, and risky behavior, “My Old Ass” pushes the boundaries of the traditional YA comedy.

Megan Park’s experience on television’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” likely influenced her storytelling approach in this film. She tackles touchy subjects and invites adolescent viewers to contemplate important issues. The film evokes a sense of nostalgia for those last lazy days at home, surrounded by loved ones, before embarking on new adventures.

“My Old Ass” is a comedy that balances humor with poignancy. It reminds viewers that life is not always what we expect, and that wisdom can come from unexpected places. With stunning landscapes and a twist that redefines the genre, Park’s film offers valuable insights for both young and old audiences.