Investigation Launched into Actor Vincent Gallo’s Alleged Inappropriate Remarks During Casting for ‘The Policeman’

Los Angeles, CA – Actor Vincent Gallo is currently under investigation by the Sag-Aftra union in response to allegations made by multiple women regarding inappropriate remarks he allegedly made during the casting process for the movie The Policeman. The investigation follows reports from at least three women who filed complaints against Gallo for sexually explicit and unsettling comments made in November 2023.

According to Rolling Stone, two of the women who came forward were auditioning for roles as victims of rapist and serial killer James DeAngelo, also known as the Golden State Killer, in the film. The third woman chose not to attend her callback audition after hearing about the comments Gallo made to other actresses.

One of the filed complaints stated that Gallo allegedly told an actor that she must “truly believe you will die if you don’t do as I say,” in addition to making sexually explicit remarks. Gallo reportedly emphasized that the actor had no control during the filming process, despite the sexual and violent nature of the movie.

The movie, written and directed by Jordan Gertner, centers around the story of James DeAngelo, with Gallo portraying the character. Filming for The Policeman took place in December 2023. Gallo, known for directing and starring in the controversial 2003 film The Brown Bunny, has faced previous criticism regarding a sex scene in the movie.

Representatives for Gallo and his co-star James Franco, as well as the casting studio Cast Iron Studios, have not responded to requests for comment from The Guardian. However, Cast Iron Studios expressed gratitude to the actresses for coming forward and apologized for their negative experiences.

A spokesperson for Gertner and Pacific Media Productions stated that the allegations are being taken seriously and that an intimacy coordinator from Sag-Aftra was eventually hired for the production. They also claimed that the movie was made with pride and involved a supportive cast and crew.

The Sag-Aftra union is currently conducting an investigation into Vincent Gallo’s alleged inappropriate remarks during the casting process for The Policeman. The actor has not yet responded to the allegations.