“It Comes at Night” Finds New Audience as One of the Most-Streamed Movies on MAX

Los Angeles, CA – “It Comes at Night,” directed by Trey Edward Schults, has found a new audience on the streaming service MAX, seven years after its original release in theaters. The A24 horror film, which initially received mixed reviews, has climbed to the #4 spot on MAX’s most-watched movie list. This resurgence demonstrates the power of streaming platforms to give films a second chance and allows viewers to discover hidden gems that may have gone unnoticed during their initial theatrical run.

“It Comes at Night” follows the story of a man portrayed by Joel Edgerton, who discovers that the evil haunting his family’s home may only be the beginning of the nightmares that lurk within. As the film presents themes of social isolation and paranoia, it has gained a new relevance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Josue Valdez, a writer for Bloody Disgusting, reflects on the impact of the film, stating, “I felt miserable after that first viewing, but I couldn’t deny the powerful storytelling, strong visuals, and effectiveness of its horror.”

Streaming platforms like MAX have the ability to elevate films that originally received little attention and allow them to re-enter public discourse. This phenomenon is not unique to “It Comes at Night” but has been observed across various platforms, such as Netflix. Films that once flew under the radar can now break through and captivate audiences, offering them a chance to reevaluate their initial opinions.

While “It Comes at Night” may not have made a significant splash upon its release, its presence on MAX’s most-watched movie list is proof that it has found a new following. With audiences craving new and unique content, the film has been given an opportunity to shine. As viewers continue to discover the film, it is evident that streaming services have the power to breathe new life into previously overlooked movies.

“It Comes at Night” is an example of how streaming platforms can provide a second chance for films to find their audience. As more viewers turn to streaming services for their entertainment needs, the potential for lesser-known films to gain recognition increases. If you haven’t watched “It Comes at Night” yet, now is the perfect time to revisit and appreciate its powerful storytelling and gripping horror. Find it on MAX and prepare for a thrilling cinematic experience.