Jamie Dornan Opens Up About Hiding from Critics in Rural Retreat After ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Release

LONDON, England – Jamie Dornan, known for his role as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” sought refuge in a secluded countryside retreat following the harsh criticism he faced for his performance, the actor has disclosed. The retreat, a vacant house provided by director Sam Taylor-Johnson and her husband, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson, allowed Dornan to escape the public scrutiny that followed the movie’s release in 2015.

During a candid interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Desert Island Discs,” Dornan revealed that he and his wife, Amelia Warner, along with their newborn baby, Dulcie, concealed themselves until the backlash subsided. The actor, also known for his roles in television series like “The Tourist” and “The Fall,” spoke about the stark contrast between the enthusiastic reception of his previous work and the criticism he faced for “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Despite the film’s immense commercial success, which grossed over £1 billion, Dornan struggled with the negative reviews. He expressed gratitude for the Taylor-Johnsons’ offer of solace, stating, “They let us have their place in the country, and we hid there for a while and just shut ourselves off from the world.”

Dornan further revealed that he found it difficult to reconcile the ridicule he faced with his contractual obligations for two more films in the franchise. His portrayal of Christian Grey continues to be referenced in reviews of his recent work, with critics occasionally emphasizing past shortcomings. Nevertheless, the Northern Irish actor remains unwavering in his decision to take on the controversial role, attributing his resilience to personal experiences of loss during his formative years.

In a poignant moment during the interview, Dornan fought back tears while recalling the death of his mother, Lorna, when he was just 16, and the subsequent loss of four close friends in a tragic accident. He highlighted the straightforward manner in which his father, Jim, a renowned obstetrician who later succumbed to the COVID-19 pandemic, delivered the news of his mother’s terminal illness. While expressing some guilt over his limited memories of her, Dornan acknowledged the unexpected nature of losing a loved one.

Moving forward, Dornan continues to make his mark in the film industry, most notably in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming movie “Belfast.” Despite facing scrutiny and enduring personal hardships, the actor remains resilient and determined to overcome the shadows cast by his earlier role, hoping that critics will give him a chance to showcase his talent on its own merits.