Jamie Foxx Returns to Set of ‘Back in Action’ Alongside Cameron Diaz After Health Scare

Atlanta, Georgia – Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz have returned to the set of their film, “Back in Action,” after a challenging year. The stars were photographed in Atlanta on Saturday, preparing to film a scene where they jump out of a van and run into a building. Foxx’s focus was apparent, as he remained quiet and dedicated to his work. The duo began filming the movie in 2022, but production was put on hold when Foxx experienced a medical complication, resulting in hospitalization. Foxx’s daughter, Corinne, assured fans on social media that he was on the road to recovery after receiving prompt medical attention.

Throughout his recovery, Foxx kept the details of his illness private. However, he made his first public speech in December 2023 when he received the Vanguard Award. Foxx expressed gratitude for the journey he had been through and the support he received from his family, particularly his daughter and sister. The actor admitted that it was a challenging experience, but he was now back on track and able to work.

Diaz, who had previously announced her retirement from acting, made a comeback for “Back in Action.” The film marks the third collaboration between Foxx and Diaz, who previously starred together in “Any Given Sunday” and “Annie.” Diaz spoke about her decision to quit acting, stating that she needed to prioritize her own well-being and find peace. She further mentioned that working in the industry at such a high level had taken a toll on her.

Despite rumors suggesting tensions on set and that Diaz would never make another movie because of Foxx, she dismissed such claims. Diaz praised Foxx’s talent, professionalism, and his ability to bring positivity to the crew. She mentioned that there were minor hiccups during filming, but they were typical in any production. Overall, Diaz described her experience on set with Foxx as enjoyable.

The return of Foxx and Diaz to the set of “Back in Action” marks an exciting development for their fans. While details about the film remain scarce, their presence has generated anticipation among audiences. Both actors have shown their dedication to their craft and their ability to overcome challenges, making their reunion on set even more significant. As production resumes, fans eagerly await the release of this highly anticipated movie.