Jared Leto Shuns Lavish Meal at Event, Shocking Guests with Power Bar Snack

Jared Leto, the actor known for his roles in films like “Morbius” and “Suicide Squad,” has revealed an unusual eating habit at events. Comedian Mae Martin recently shared on their podcast “Handsome” that Leto opted out of a lavish meal at an event they attended together. Martin described Leto as having the vibe of a cult leader while wearing shades and sporting long hair. Despite the presence of an acclaimed Michelin star chef and delicious food, Leto chose not to partake.

During the event, the chef came out to greet the guests and asked if they were enjoying the meal. Leto declined, citing a past experience of getting food poisoning at similar events. The chef tried to assure him that his food was safe, but Leto was not convinced. Instead, Leto took out a power bar from his jacket pocket and began eating it in front of the chef.

Leto’s representatives have not commented on Martin’s account.

In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Leto mentioned that he typically adheres to a vegan diet but referred to himself as a “cheagan” – a cheating vegan. He explained that while he never eats meat, he would make exceptions for certain situations, such as when someone offers him a homemade cookie or when he is in Alaska and has access to fresh wild salmon from the river.

Leto’s decision to bring his own snack to an event where a renowned chef had prepared an elaborate meal adds to his reputation as an unconventional personality. Whether his choice was due to a genuine concern for his health or simply a preference for his own food, Leto’s actions have certainly sparked interest and speculation.

In conclusion, actor Jared Leto opted out of a meal prepared by a Michelin star chef at an event, citing a fear of food poisoning. Instead, he brought his own power bar and consumed it in front of the chef. This incident sheds light on Leto’s unique eating habits and adds to his reputation as an unconventional figure in the entertainment industry.