Jason Kelce Makes NFL History with Sixth All-Pro First Team Selection

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has been named to the Associated Press (AP) All-Pro first team for the sixth time in his career, joining a prestigious group of players who have achieved this feat.

Kelce’s inclusion in the 2022 All-Pro team solidifies his status as one of the best centers in NFL history. He joins the ranks of Hall of Famers Jim Otto, Bulldog Turner, Dermonti Dawson, and Jim Ringo, who were previously the only centers to be named 1st-team All-Pro six times in the first 83 years of AP’s selections.

In addition to his All-Pro honors, Kelce also holds the distinction of being the second player to make six All-Pro first teams as a 6th-round pick. The other player to achieve this milestone is Jack Christiansen, a free safety who played for the Detroit Lions in the 1950s.

Kelce’s journey to becoming an All-Pro started in 2011 when the Eagles drafted him. Despite becoming an immediate starter, it took a few years for Kelce to earn recognition. He made his first Pro Bowl in 2014 and his first All-Pro team in 2017. Remarkably, Kelce is the first player in NFL history to make six All-Pro first teams without earning any in his first six seasons.

Now at 36 years old, Kelce is the second-oldest 1st-team All-Pro in Eagles history, behind only Vic Lindskog, who was 37 when he made his lone All-Pro team in 1951. Kelce’s longevity and consistency have been remarkable, as he has started a franchise-record 156 consecutive games since the 2014 season.

It is worth noting that Kelce’s impressive accomplishments extend beyond the All-Pro selections. He has been selected to the Pro Bowl seven times, joining a select group of only 50 players in NFL history who have achieved this feat. Among the players who have reached this milestone, nearly all of them are already in the Hall of Fame.

The Eagles also had three other players recognized in the All-Pro teams. Wide receiver A.J. Brown, offensive tackle Lane Johnson, and kicker Jake Elliott were named to the second team. Brown’s selection marks his second consecutive year as a 2nd-team All-Pro, a feat not accomplished by an Eagles wide receiver since Harold Carmichael in 1979 and 1980.

Overall, this year’s All-Pro selections underline the Eagles’ strong offensive line, which had 10 players named All-Pro under the guidance of offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland.

As Kelce and his fellow honorees celebrate their well-deserved recognition, they join an illustrious group of players who have showcased their extraordinary talent and contributions to the game of football. Kelce’s legacy as one of the all-time greats at his position is secure, and his impressive resume continues to grow.

In summary, Jason Kelce’s sixth All-Pro first team selection places him among the elite centers in NFL history. His journey from a 6th-round pick to an All-Pro demonstrates his hard work and dedication to the game. Kelce’s contributions to the Eagles’ success and his place in NFL history are unquestionable, making him a true legend of the sport.