Jason Momoa Sets the Record Straight on Living Situation: “I’m Houseless, Not Homeless”

Los Angeles – Actor Jason Momoa has clarified his living situation after previously suggesting that he might be “homeless.” Momoa explained that while he doesn’t currently have a permanent residence, he is not without a place to stay. In an interview with People Mag, Momoa stated that he is “houseless” but not homeless, as he currently resides in a nice trailer and has a sleeping bag. The actor also revealed that he has never owned a house but expressed excitement about potentially buying one in the future. Momoa’s busy schedule with movies and other projects is the primary reason why he has chosen not to own a home at this time.

Despite his A-list status, Momoa’s decision to forgo owning property is entirely his own and not due to a lack of means. The actor is financially successful and has the means to purchase a home. He simply prefers his current lifestyle. Additionally, Momoa has a new docuseries called “On the Roam” in which he travels across the country and meets interesting people.

It is worth noting that Momoa and his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet, recently finalized their divorce. With the divorce settlement complete, they do not have the added complexity of dividing up a shared home.

In conclusion, while Jason Momoa currently does not own a home, he is not homeless. He has chosen to live a more transient lifestyle due to his busy career and has the means to purchase a home when the time is right. His decision is entirely his own, and he seems content with his current living arrangements.