Jay Leno Speaks Out Against Efforts to Remove Trump from Ballot, Says He’s Stopped Doing Political Jokes

Late night talk show icon Jay Leno recently shared his thoughts on former President Trump during an interview with U.K. journalist Piers Morgan. Leno expressed that he is not a fan of the conservative leader and finds his behavior to be excessive. However, he also stated that he wouldn’t be overly upset if Americans chose to vote for Trump again, highlighting the importance of individual choice.

During the interview on the Fox Nation show “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” Leno discussed how he no longer includes political jokes in his act. Morgan asked Leno about his opinion on Trump as a politician, to which Leno responded, “Well, I’m not a fan.” He also expressed his disagreement with efforts by some states to remove Trump from the ballot, emphasizing that it’s important to respect democratic processes.

Leno shared that back when Trump was a real estate magnate and made guest appearances on his talk show, he actually liked him and found him to be an interesting character. However, he now feels that Trump is not the best moral choice for the presidency, citing various indictments and controversies surrounding him.

The comedian further explained that he stopped incorporating politics into his act because he wanted to make people laugh and have a good time, without injecting his personal opinions. He observed that in today’s political climate, people often expect entertainers to take a side, which has led him to avoid discussing politics altogether.

Leno concluded by emphasizing that his primary aim is to entertain audiences, and engaging in political commentary would be counterproductive. He believes that a good comedy show should provide an escape from the stresses of everyday life, rather than focusing on divisive political topics.

Overall, Leno’s comments offer insight into his personal views on Trump and his decision to distance himself from political humor, in a landscape where taking a side can be polarizing for entertainers.