Jennifer’s Body Creator Teases Possible Sequel to Cult Classic Horror-Comedy

Los Angeles – Jennifer’s Body, the 2009 horror-comedy starring Megan Fox, may have initially disappointed audiences, but it has since gained a cult following. Now, writer Diablo Cody has expressed her desire to create a sequel to the film.

In an interview with BloodyDisgusting, Cody revealed that she felt “pretty humiliated” by Jennifer’s Body’s underwhelming release and box office performance, which only earned $31.6 million. This was a tough time for both Cody and Fox, who had previously faced backlash for their involvement in the second Transformers movie.

However, in recent years, Jennifer’s Body has received renewed appreciation through a feminist horror lens. Cody admitted that she initially found the newfound love for the film annoying, questioning why the audience didn’t show up when she needed it most. Regardless, she is grateful for the film’s current status and believes that people appreciating it now confirms what she had always thought about the project.

While Cody isn’t making any concrete announcements, she made it clear that she is not done with Jennifer’s Body yet. However, her desire to create a sequel relies on finding someone who shares her passion for the film. As the rights to Jennifer’s Body are owned by Fox, which is now under the parent company Disney, the timing could be right for a sequel.

Cody highlights that Disney has been producing new films and shows beyond the Marvel universe, opening up possibilities for Jennifer’s Body. She mentions that even if the sequel focuses on another character named Jennifer who develops a similar appetite, it would still be worth exploring. After all, if Chucky can have a three-season show, anything is possible.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to Cody’s return to horror with her upcoming film, Lisa Frankenstein, set to hit theaters on February 9.

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