Jimmy Fallon Surprises Dakota Johnson on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Justin Timberlake

New York City, NY – “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon surprised viewers with an unexpected appearance on “Saturday Night Live” hosted by Dakota Johnson. The actress kicked off the show by reminiscing about her first stint as an “SNL” host in 2015, and took a playful jab at former President Donald Trump. Johnson shared a photo from that episode, featuring Taylor Swift, and quipped about standing close to someone who would later become “the most powerful person in America.”

In a surprise twist at the end of the show, comedian Dave Chappelle made a cameo during the traditional farewell segment. Chappelle stood next to Fallon, smiling, applauding, but remaining silent. Chappelle, known for his controversial use of homophobic material in his stand-up routines, was not acknowledged by the other cast members.

During her monologue, Johnson lightheartedly mentioned her current media tour to promote the upcoming Sony Pictures thriller “Madame Web.” She shared a clip of herself as a pre-teen goofing off on a red carpet alongside her father, actor Don Johnson, who engaged in banter with reporters.

When Johnson mentioned that Justin Timberlake was the musical guest for the night, the pop star appeared on stage, pretending to be confused about also having to host the show. Timberlake, who has previously hosted “SNL” five times, joked about his “SexyBack” era and made a risque reference to his hit song.

Fallon then made his grand entrance, donning a ’70s-inspired light-tan leisure suit reminiscent of Barry Gibb’s style. He offered Johnson well wishes and made the audience laugh with his charismatic presence.

Timberlake later appeared in a sketch called “The Barry Gibb Talk Show,” alongside Fallon who reprised his role as Barry Gibb. Timberlake portrayed Robin Gibb, the younger brother who passed away in 2012.

Political humor did not go unnoticed during the “Weekend Update” segment. The anchors poked fun at Trump’s peculiar word usage, specifically his reference to “de-banking” during a campaign speech.

The show also focused on the recent Oscar nominations and the achievements of nominees from underrepresented backgrounds. “SNL” regular Bowen Yang played a movie enthusiast named Ethan who introduced a fictional awards show called “The Ethans.” The character paid homage to Niecy Nash-Betts’ Emmy Awards acceptance speech.

Towards the end of the episode, two surprise guests, “Shark Tank” judges Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban, made an appearance in a sketch featuring Johnson as a member of a women’s book club. Corcoran offered Johnson’s character a deal for her T-shirt company, followed by Cuban offering a surprising million-dollar investment.

Timberlake, who has a long history with “SNL,” performed two songs during the show, showcasing his versatility as an artist. The first song, “Sanctified,” featured a rap by Tobe Nwigwe accompanied by a choir, while the second song, “Selfish,” was a more stripped-down performance with just a keyboard and drums.

The episode concluded with a photo featuring Justin Timberlake, Dakota Johnson, and Jimmy Fallon, capturing the essence of the surprising and entertaining night on “Saturday Night Live.”