Jimmy Kimmel’s Journey to Surpassing Late-Night Legends Johnny Carson and David Letterman

New Orleans – Late-night television has been dominated by legendary hosts such as Johnny Carson and David Letterman, who hosted their respective shows for decades. But could Jimmy Kimmel, the current host of his eponymous show on ABC, surpass their records? According to Rob Mills, EVP of Unscripted & Alternative Entertainment at Walt Disney Television, Kimmel, who is in his 22nd year hosting the show, is a “massive asset” to the company.

Kimmel’s long tenure in late-night TV has established him as one of the faces of the Walt Disney Company. Not only does he host the Oscars, but he also hosts the popular show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.” Mills expressed his hopes that Kimmel would continue hosting his show for as long as possible, although he acknowledged that it’s unlikely he would match Carson or Letterman’s decades-long reigns.

However, Kimmel seems unfazed by the concept of late-night landmarks. When Mills suggested he try to reach 20 years on his last contract negotiation, Kimmel responded that it meant nothing to him. He simply doesn’t care about the milestone. Mills jokingly admitted that he needs Kimmel to stick around a bit longer before figuring out the future of late-night TV.

Late-night talk show hosts have become an integral part of the television landscape. Mills acknowledged the importance of these voices and the challenges that come with finding the next generation of hosts. While some may suggest names like Tina Fey for late-night, Mills pointed out that Fey is occupied running her own business. The task of hosting a successful show is much more difficult than it may seem.

As late-night TV continues to evolve, Mills expressed hope that the next generation of hosts will find inspiration in Kimmel, as well as comedy icons like Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah. The future of late-night television remains an intriguing prospect, and it will be fascinating to see who will rise to the occasion and fill the shoes of the legendary hosts who came before.