Jo Koy Reflects on Tough Golden Globes Hosting Gig and Controversial Taylor Swift Joke with ‘GMA3’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Comedian Jo Koy opens up about his experience hosting the 81st Golden Globe Awards and the criticism he received for his performance. Reflecting on negative reviews, Koy admits that the backlash stung, especially when it came to his now-infamous Taylor Swift joke. While he acknowledges that hosting the event was a tough job, Koy maintains that he had fun and loved what he did.

In an interview with GMA3, Koy expressed his feelings about the criticism he faced. He admitted that he felt hurt by the negative feedback, but also recognized that hosting a show is a different style of comedy compared to his stand-up routines. Koy explained that he had only ten days to write the monologue, which was a crash course in hosting. Despite the challenges, he still enjoyed the experience.

The day after the Golden Globes, Koy confessed that there were moments that were particularly rough for him. He pointed out that the Taylor Swift joke fell flat, attributing the awkwardness to his intention to make a jab at the NFL rather than Swift herself. Koy had joked about the difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL, referencing the number of camera shots featuring Taylor Swift. However, the joke didn’t come across as intended.

Looking back at his performance, Koy admitted that he fell a little short of what he wanted to deliver. While he wished to showcase more of his personality on stage, he acknowledged that he didn’t quite achieve that goal. Despite the criticism, Koy maintains that he had fun and will always remember the experience.

The 81st Golden Globe Awards saw Jo Koy face mixed reviews for his hosting gig. While admitting to the challenges, Koy defended his performance and expressed his love for what he did. The Taylor Swift joke, which garnered significant attention, didn’t land as he had hoped. However, Koy remains positive about the overall experience and appreciates the opportunity to have hosted such a prestigious event.

Note: The information in this article is based on an interview given by Jo Koy to GMA3.