Jo Koy Roasts ‘Soft’ Golden Globes A-List Audience in Epic Stand-Up Comeback

ST. LOUIS – Comedian Jo Koy took the stage in St. Louis, Missouri, on Friday, delivering his first stand-up performance since his controversial hosting gig at the Golden Globes. During the show, Koy criticized the A-list audience at the awards show, referring to them as “soft.” He expressed frustration with the lack of laughter and called for people to be able to laugh at themselves. Koy also jokingly addressed the audience, suggesting that none of them had actually watched the Golden Globes, which received a mixed reception.

Koy’s remarks come in the wake of his opening monologue at the Golden Globes, where he made a joke about Taylor Swift. The joke received backlash, with Swift giving Koy an icy glare in response. Since then, Koy has admitted that the joke “fell flat” and expressed his support for Swift. He emphasized that there was no ill intent behind the joke and that he was attempting to criticize the NFL’s use of cutaways during games.

Following the backlash, other comedians, such as the hosts of “The View,” came to Koy’s defense, urging people to have a sense of humor and noting the difficulty of hosting gigs. Koy’s recent stand-up routine in St. Louis marks his first public appearance since the incident, and he took the opportunity to address the controversy and share his perspective on the matter.

In his set, Koy criticized the “marshmallow” celebrities in attendance at the Golden Globes and called for a sense of humor in today’s society. He acknowledged that his joke about Swift may not have landed as intended but stressed that he meant no harm. Despite the controversy, Koy continues to receive support from his fellow comedians and fans.

Overall, Koy’s recent stand-up routine in St. Louis serves as a platform for him to address the backlash he received for his Golden Globes monologue. The comedian reaffirms his support for Taylor Swift and emphasizes the importance of a lighthearted approach to comedy.