Joe Manganiello’s Desire for Kids Leads to Divorce, Sofia Vergara Confirms

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sofía Vergara, the actress known for her role in “Modern Family,” has confirmed that her divorce from Joe Manganiello was due to their disagreement about having children. In an interview with El País, Vergara stated that the break-up occurred because her husband, who is younger than her, wanted to have kids while she did not want to be an older mother.

Vergara, who is 51 years old, expressed that she did not view it as fair to the potential child to have an older mother. Although she respects those who choose to have children later in life, she explained that it is not an option for her anymore. The actress had her first child at 19 and now at this stage in her life, she is ready to become a grandmother rather than a mother.

Despite the divorce, Vergara remains open to the idea of love and relationships. She has recently begun dating Justin Saliman, an orthopedic surgeon, who may or may not have children of his own. The actress’s divorce from Manganiello was announced in July 2023 after seven years of marriage.

While Manganiello wanted to be a father, Vergara did not share the same desire. The couple made the difficult decision to part ways amicably and asked for privacy as they navigate this new chapter in their lives.

Vergara’s ex-husband has since moved on and made his red carpet debut with actress Caitlin O’Connor in December 2023.