Joe Satriani Discusses Huge VAN HALEN Summer 2024 Tour Plans with Sammy Hagar: Insights on the Failed David Lee Roth Reunion

West Palm Beach, Florida – Guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani discussed the highly anticipated 2024 summer tour featuring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham during a recent appearance on “The Hook Rocks” podcast. The upcoming tour will primarily focus on the music of the legendary band Van Halen. Satriani reflected on why this tour is happening now, while a previously proposed Van Halen tribute featuring him, David Lee Roth, and Alex Van Halen never materialized over two years ago.

Satriani explained that Sammy Hagar has a more inclusive and flexible approach to resolving conflicts and putting together a successful tour. He believes that Hagar is always thinking about the fans and is willing to mend fences to make it happen on stage. In contrast, Satriani expressed confusion over David Lee Roth’s inflexibility on certain subjects and suggested that only Steve Vai, who knows Roth well, might have the answer.

Satriani acknowledged the pure intentions of Alex Van Halen, emphasizing that he genuinely wanted to participate in the tribute. However, Satriani remains uncertain about Roth’s intentions. He praised Hagar and Anthony for their pure intentions and dedication to celebrating the music. Satriani expressed hope that Alex, Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang, and David would eventually figure things out, with Wolfgang being the ideal candidate to carry on the Van Halen legacy.

As Satriani prepares to play Eddie Van Halen’s parts on the tour, he shared some insights into the challenges he faces. He highlighted the importance of understanding the timing and feel of Eddie’s playing, as well as the unique vibrato technique that made Eddie’s style so iconic. Satriani acknowledged that accurately emulating Eddie’s playing requires significant effort and a deep dive into his musical sensibilities.

Satriani explained that attempting to replicate another guitarist’s playing can be challenging for someone who has spent years developing their own style. He drew comparisons to other guitarists like Angus Young, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton, emphasizing that each artist has their own distinct sound and playing techniques.

The upcoming tour, titled “The Best Of All Worlds,” will kick off on July 13 in West Palm Beach, Florida, and conclude on August 31 in St. Louis, Missouri. Satriani expressed his excitement about the extensive setlist and acknowledged the pressure to deliver a memorable performance.

Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, and Joe Satriani previously collaborated in the supergroup Chickenfoot but never played any Van Halen material. More recently, Hagar and Anthony performed Van Halen songs with guitarist Vic Johnson and Jason Bonham in Sammy Hagar and The Circle.

The tour holds personal significance for Hagar and Anthony, as it marks nearly 20 years since their last reunion with Eddie and Alex Van Halen in 2004. They felt it was time to serve the fans again and include songs that haven’t been played since that tour.

While learning Eddie Van Halen’s parts presents a daunting task, Satriani emphasized the importance of nailing the iconic elements while also recognizing Eddie’s ability to continuously evolve his playing. He emphasized the thrill and enjoyment of diving deep into Eddie’s musical repertoire.

Joe Satriani’s insight into the upcoming Van Halen tribute tour offers fans a glimpse into the challenges and significance of accurately representing Eddie Van Halen’s playing style. As the tour approaches, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience the power and love that Hagar and Anthony bring to the stage, paying homage to one of rock’s greatest bands.