Jon Stewart’s Return to “The Daily Show” Sparks Controversy, Meghan McCain Expresses Concerns

Washington, D.C. – Meghan McCain, a prominent right-wing political commentator, has voiced her displeasure over Jon Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show” after a nine-year hiatus. McCain expressed her thoughts on her podcast, “Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat.” The 39-year-old commentator criticized Stewart, 61, for morphing into a figure she did not recognize, referring to him as the “most woke.” Stewart, who left the Comedy Central show in 2015, is set to host the program on Mondays starting February 12.

McCain, who used to be a longtime fan of “The Daily Show” when Stewart was the host in 1999, stopped watching the show when it became more critical of conservative politics. She questioned why the program couldn’t find a permanent host. McCain expressed uncertainty about which version of Jon Stewart will be returning to the show.

Stewart’s return has been welcomed by Chris McCarthy, the chief executive of Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios, as he sees Stewart as the “voice of this generation.” McCarthy believes that Stewart’s wit and insight will help make sense of the country’s divisions and political insanity during the approaching election season.

Earlier rumors suggested that Hasan Minhaj was being considered to replace Trevor Noah as the host of “The Daily Show.” However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Minhaj, 38, was initially chosen as the permanent host but was later dropped due to allegations that he had lied in his stand-up routines.

Stewart’s comeback is set to last through the presidential election season and into 2025. His return to the show has garnered attention and anticipation, with viewers curious to see how he will navigate the current political climate.