Jonathan Majors Fights Back: Actor Declares Innocence Ahead of Sentencing in Risky Interview

Los Angeles – Actor Jonathan Majors is risking his reputation and career by speaking out in an interview ahead of his sentencing for conviction on charges of reckless assault and harassment. Legal and industry experts have deemed Majors’ decision to publicly declare his innocence a risky move.

Majors, known for his roles in films like “Creed III” and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was convicted by a jury and faces up to a year in prison. The charges stem from an incident in which Majors’ ex-partner testified that he injured her during an altercation in a car. As a result of the conviction, Majors has already been fired from his lead role in an upcoming Avengers movie by Marvel Studios and his film “Magazine Dreams” remains in limbo.

Despite the career setback, Majors’ talent agency, WME, continues to represent him, and his agent testified on his behalf during the trial. In his interview with ABC News’ “Good Morning America,” Majors denied the allegations against him, claiming he had never hit a woman or been involved in domestic abuse. He accepted responsibility for being in the car and a part of the relationship but maintained that he was not the cause of the injuries sustained by his ex-partner.

Legal experts have expressed concern that Majors’ interview could negatively impact his sentencing, as it is uncommon for a defendant to speak out between their conviction and sentencing. The judge has a range of sentencing options at their disposal, including jail time, depending on the circumstances and behavior of the defendant. Majors’ lack of remorse, as perceived by prosecutors, could factor into the judge’s decision.

While Majors expressed hope that he would work in Hollywood again, crisis PR experts believe that his interview is a high-risk, low-reward strategy. With the sentencing outcome still pending, any negative news could outweigh any potential positive effects of the interview. It is unclear whether Majors will be able to rebuild his career in the near future, but experts suggest it may be challenging to do so immediately following this interview.

In summary, actor Jonathan Majors is facing professional and legal consequences after being convicted on charges of reckless assault and harassment. His recent interview to assert his innocence ahead of sentencing has been deemed a risky move by legal and industry experts, who believe it could potentially impact the judge’s decision. Majors’ future in Hollywood remains uncertain as he awaits his sentencing.