Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk Join Forces in New Thriller Drama ‘Midnight Photo Studio’

SEOUL, South Korea – Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk have been confirmed as the main cast for an upcoming drama called “Midnight Photo Studio.” The drama, produced by KT Studio Genie, will be directed by Song Hyun Wook, known for his works such as “Another Oh Hae Young” and “Beauty Inside.” The story revolves around a photographer who runs a unique photo studio that serves the deceased and a passionate lawyer. Together, they navigate the boundaries between life and death while encountering intriguing guests.

Joo Won, who gained recognition for his roles in popular dramas like “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo” and “Good Doctor,” will portray Seo Ki Joo, the seventh boss of the midnight studio. Kwon Nara, known for her captivating acting skills, will play Han Bom, a lawyer who joins Ki Joo in running the photo studio. Yoo In Soo will take on the role of Assistant Manager Go, the customer sales representative of the studio. Eum Moon Suk will portray Baek Nam Goo, who handles miscellaneous tasks at the studio. Each cast member brings their own unique charm and talent to the drama.

The production team behind “Midnight Photo Studio” has expressed excitement about the variety of stories that the ghost customers will share. They believe that the exceptional cast of Joo Won, Kwon Nara, Yoo In Soo, and Eum Moon Suk will captivate viewers with the mysterious and strange atmosphere of the photo studio.

The new drama is set to provide an intriguing and thrilling narrative, combining elements of mystery and the supernatural. With a talented cast and an experienced director at the helm, “Midnight Photo Studio” holds promise as an intriguing addition to the Korean drama scene. Viewers can eagerly anticipate the unique storyline and the chemistry among the cast members as they bring this captivating story to life.