Joy Behar Turns Down Role in Ted Lasso Season 3 Due to Hellish Filming Conditions

NEW YORK (AP) — Joy Behar, co-host of “The View,” recently revealed on the show’s podcast that she turned down an acting role in the hit series “Ted Lasso.” The 81-year-old actress declined the opportunity to play the role of Dottie Lasso, the title character’s mother, in the show’s third season. The role eventually went to actress Becky Ann Baker, who received an Emmy nomination for her performance.

During the podcast episode, producer Brian Teta expressed his disappointment with Behar’s decision. He revealed that she quickly dismissed the chance to be on the Apple TV+ series because it required her to spend her hiatus in London. Behar confirmed that she rejected the offer because of the intense heatwave and the prospect of traveling during that time.

Teta praised “Ted Lasso” as one of the hottest shows on TV, but Behar disagreed, stating that it was not the hottest show and that she didn’t feel the need to be in everything. Behar, a seasoned panelist on “The View,” has had a successful career in various scripted projects, including films like “Madea Goes to Jail” and Woody Allen’s “Manhattan Murder Mystery.”

While discussing the series, Teta informed Behar that Baker had been nominated for an Emmy for her work on the show. Behar graciously congratulated her fellow actress. It is worth mentioning that Behar had previously been fired from “The View” but returned and has been a permanent panelist for almost all of its 27 seasons.

Representatives for “The View” and Apple TV+ were reached out to for comment but have not responded.

In conclusion, Joy Behar, an iconic presence on “The View,” revealed that she declined an acting role in the popular series “Ted Lasso.” The decision was based on the show’s location and the extreme weather conditions during the time of filming. Despite turning down the offer, Behar remains a respected actress with a long list of credits in both film and television projects throughout her career.