Judge Denies Nick Carter’s Bid to Dismiss Rape Lawsuit by Former Dream Singer

Los Angeles, California – Former Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter’s bid to dismiss a rape lawsuit filed against him by former Dream singer Melissa Schuman was denied by a Los Angeles judge. Carter’s attempt to have the case moved to Las Vegas, where he is already suing Schuman and two other accusers for defamation, was rejected by Los Angeles County Judge Lisa Sepe-Wiesenfeld.

During the hearing, Judge Sepe-Wiesenfeld questioned the need to move the case, highlighting that Schuman’s claim of rape occurred in Santa Monica in 2003 and was investigated by the Santa Monica Police Department. The judge also noted that there were numerous witnesses and events related to the incident in California. Ultimately, Judge Sepe-Wiesenfeld ruled in favor of Schuman, stating that “the alleged conduct occurred in California” and that the community had an interest in resolving claims arising from the jurisdiction.

Speaking after the hearing, Schuman emphasized her determination to fight for justice and not be intimidated. She attended the hearing in person to send a clear message to Carter. Schuman’s lawyer, Karen Barth Menzies, highlighted California’s recognition of the difficulty survivors face in coming forward in sexual assault cases, noting the state’s legislation designed to support victims.

Schuman’s case falls under a state law that allowed victims to file lawsuits for alleged sex assaults outside the statute of limitations. The law, which expired in December, specifically included claims involving a cover-up. The complaint alleged that Carter had made efforts to hide evidence relating to previous incidents or allegations of sexual assault. Schuman’s lawyer argued that there were multiple instances of a cover-up beyond the alleged assault on the Backstreet Boys’ tour bus in 2001.

Carter has denied any wrongdoing related to his three accusers and has filed counterclaims against them. In response to Ruth’s lawsuit, Carter claimed that Ruth, Schuman, and Schuman’s father conspired to harass and defame him. Carter’s counterclaims were denied, and the accusers are currently appealing the rulings in Nevada.

Carter has stated that he engaged in consensual sex with Schuman and the other accuser, Jane Doe A.R. He filed counterclaims against A.R., alleging that she told his sister she was 18 years old at the time of the alleged assault. Carter’s counterclaim also stated that Schuman had recruited A.R. to join the alleged conspiracy.

Lawyers for A.R. responded to Carter’s counterclaim, stating that his attempts to villainize his victims were “far from novel.” They emphasized that A.R. stands by her claims that Carter statutory raped her as a 15-year-old visiting his minor siblings in Florida.

The legal battle between Carter and his accusers continues as they pursue justice and seek resolution in the court.