Julia Roberts Reveals Her Strategy to Avoid Being “Too Friendly” on Movie Sets

Actress Julia Roberts has acknowledged her reputation of being difficult to work with on movie sets and admits to deliberately not being “too friendly” in order to avoid being taken advantage of. The star has had a long-standing reputation for clashes with colleagues, such as her legendary feud with director Steven Spielberg during the filming of “Hook” in 1991. However, Roberts has owned up to her reputation in a recent interview with director Richard Curtis.

In the interview, conducted for British Vogue, Curtis revealed that he was initially “scared” of Roberts when they first met on the set of “Notting Hill” in 1999. Roberts, known for her frankness, confirmed that she sometimes has to hold back on movie sets because there are too many question marks about how her interactions may be interpreted. She explained that people often react to her fame rather than seeing her as an ordinary person.

Roberts also addressed her tendency to come across as “harsh” and acknowledged that her forthright nature can be misconstrued by some. She stressed that she is always honest but never intends to be unkind. The actress also shared an interesting tidbit about her character in “Notting Hill,” revealing that she insisted on a change to the script in order to increase her value for future movie offers, showcasing her business-savviness.

Overall, Robertson’s interview with Curtis offers a glimpse into her self-awareness regarding her reputation and her strategies for navigating the challenges of Hollywood.