Jurgen Klopp’s Next Move: Germany’s ‘Bundestrainer’ or USMNT Coach?

Los Angeles, CA – Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool has sparked speculation about his next move. While Klopp is taking some time off before making a decision, there are rumors that top clubs and national teams are vying for his services. Two potential landing spots that have been discussed are Germany and the United States.

In Germany, Klopp has long been seen as the ideal candidate to take over as national team coach. Since the disappointing World Cup exit in 2018 under Joachim Low, Klopp has been viewed as the shadow coach, waiting for the right opportunity. His success at Liverpool has endeared him to the German public, with 83 million Germans eager to see him at the helm. However, Klopp has expressed loyalty to Liverpool and has not received any official approaches from the German Football Association (DFB).

On the other hand, the United States presents a unique opportunity for Klopp. The US Men’s National Team (USMNT) is filled with young, talented players who possess the speed and aggression that Klopp favors. His charismatic personality would also fit well in the sports landscape in the US, where soccer is gradually gaining more prominence. However, it is highly unlikely that Klopp would be considered for the job as Gregg Berhalter was recently re-hired as head coach. The US Soccer Federation has shown commitment to Berhalter, and it would take a disastrous showing in the 2024 Copa America for them to consider a change.

Financial considerations also come into play. The US Soccer Federation reported a loss of around $22 million in their most recent financial disclosure, making it unlikely that they could afford Klopp’s hefty salary. In contrast, Germany may have the financial resources to get closer to Klopp’s wage demands.

Ultimately, Klopp’s next move remains uncertain. While the Germany job may be a dream opportunity for him, his loyalty to Liverpool could keep him at the club. As for the USMNT, it seems unlikely that they would part ways with Berhalter so soon after his reappointment. Klopp’s decision will have a significant impact on both his career and the future of the national teams vying for his services.