Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Got Her Tubes Tied After Welcoming Twins: Life After ‘Teen Mom 2’

San Diego, California – Kailyn Lowry, former star of “Teen Mom 2,” recently revealed that she has undergone a tubal ligation procedure to prevent any future pregnancies. The decision came after the birth of her twins, her sixth and seventh children, whom she shares with boyfriend Elijah Scott.

Lowry detailed the experience on her podcast, “Barely Famous.” She described the surgery as feeling like it took forever, and her boyfriend Scott confirmed that he was present during the procedure. He also mentioned that it took an extra 30 minutes to complete.

The reality TV star admitted that she briefly second-guessed her decision after the tubes were already removed. However, she now feels confident and at peace with her choice to no longer have any more children.

Lowry also shared some of the paperwork process she had to go through before the surgery. She mentioned that the side effects listed on the paperwork included the possibility of regret, but she was certain that she did not want any more kids.

The mother of seven recently announced the birth of her twins but did not reveal their birthdate or names. She did mention that she delivered at 35 weeks due to complications with one of the babies being in a breech position.

Lowry became well-known through her appearance on the reality TV show “16 and Pregnant” in 2010. Since then, she has had six boys and one girl. With the tubal ligation, she is now confident that her family is complete.

The decision to undergo a tubal ligation is a personal one that many women make to permanently prevent pregnancy. It involves the surgical removal or blocking of the fallopian tubes, severing the pathway for the egg to meet with sperm.

Lowry’s openness about her decision to get her tubes tied sheds light on the choices women make regarding their reproductive health and family planning. By sharing her experience, she joins a community of women who have made similar decisions.

Overall, Lowry’s decision to get her tubes tied reflects her desire to complete her family and take control of her reproductive health. She has expressed contentment with her decision and the knowledge that she will not have to worry about future pregnancies.