Kate Hudson to Lead and Produce Mindy Kaling’s Empowering Comedy Series on Netflix

Hollywood star Kate Hudson will take the lead role and serve as executive producer for a new comedy series on Netflix, created by Mindy Kaling. The untitled series, which was initially pitched as a workplace comedy inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers front office, has undergone changes in its creative team. Kaling is now co-writing the series alongside fellow “The Mindy Project” alums Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen, with Stassen taking on the role of showrunner.

The show will follow Isla Gordon, portrayed by Hudson, as the only sister in a family dominated by competitive brothers. Isla has always been overlooked and underappreciated, but when her brother is embroiled in scandal and forced to resign, she unexpectedly becomes the President of the Los Angeles Waves, a renowned professional basketball franchise and her family’s business. This opportunity allows Isla to prove to her skeptical brothers, the board, and the sports community that she is the right person for the job, breaking barriers in the male-dominated world of sports.

The 10-episode series is a production of Mindy Kaling’s Kaling International in association with Warner Bros. Television. This marks a return to Netflix for Hudson, who previously appeared in the streamer’s popular show, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.” It also marks Hudson’s first major role in a comedy series, adding to her diverse acting portfolio. She recently starred alongside Octavia Spencer in the Apple TV+ drama anthology series, “Truth Be Told,” and hosts the podcast “Sibling Revelry” with her brother, Oliver Hudson.

With Hudson at the helm, the series promises to deliver laughter and entertainment while addressing themes of ambition and breaking gender norms in sports. By bringing together the talents of Kaling, Barinholtz, Stassen, and Hudson, the show is sure to capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

The production team includes Lakers’ President and Governor Jeanie Buss, Linda Rambis, Howard Klein from 3 Arts, and Lakers’ Jordan Rambis. Their involvement ensures a strong foundation for the series, combining the worlds of entertainment and sports. As the project develops, fans eagerly await further updates on the casting and the release of this highly anticipated comedy series.