Kathie Lee Gifford Thriving in Nashville: Hoda Kotb Reveals Former ‘Today’ Co-Host’s Best Life After 5 Years

NASHVILLE – In a recent update, former “Today” co-host Hoda Kotb shared that her friend and former colleague, Kathie Lee Gifford, is living her best life five years after leaving the show. During the show’s “Faves and Finds” segment, Kotb played a song written by Gifford called “3 Little Words.”

Gifford, who left the “Today” show in 2019, has been enjoying her time in Nashville, where she has been writing music and spending time with her grandchildren. She is the proud grandmother of Frank Gifford, Finn Wierda, and Ford Gifford.

Known for their lively banter and love of wine, Gifford and Kotb hosted the fourth hour of the “Today” show together from 2008 until Gifford’s departure. Gifford left the program to pursue her creative dreams of writing, producing, and starring in movies. She has since added actress, writer, and producer to her resume.

She wrote and starred in the film “Then Came You” alongside Craig Ferguson in 2018 and also worked on the Hallmark Channel movie “A Godwink Christmas.” In 2019, she wrote and directed a short musical called “The God Who Sees.”

Throughout her life, Gifford has always had a passion for writing, producing, and acting, and she is glad to finally have the opportunity to pursue those dreams. She described her departure from “Today” as a necessary step to fulfilling her lifetime goals.

Kotb’s update on Gifford’s current endeavors showcased the friendship and support between the two former co-hosts. Gifford’s fans will be pleased to know that she is thriving and enjoying her new chapter in Nashville.