Kelce’s 1,000-Yard Streak in Jeopardy as Chiefs Gamble on Final Regular-Season Game

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will not be playing in today’s regular-season finale, as the game holds no significance for the team. However, there is one player who is expected to make an appearance – tight end Travis Kelce.

Kelce, who has accumulated 984 receiving yards this season, is only 16 yards away from achieving his eighth consecutive 1,000-yard season. Sources indicate that the Chiefs plan to play Kelce long enough to reach this milestone, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

When questioned about Kelce’s status for Sunday, Chiefs coach Andy Reid only stated, “we’ll see.” This suggests that the 1,000-yard mark holds significant importance for Kelce, prompting Reid to provide him with the opportunity to attain it. Reid may instruct starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert to target Kelce enough times to accumulate the necessary 16 yards before taking him out of the game.

While there are inherent risks in fielding a key player in a game without any real consequences, Reid is willing to take the chance if it means preserving Kelce’s streak of consecutive 1,000-yard seasons.

In conclusion, the Chiefs have opted to rest quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the regular-season finale, but tight end Travis Kelce is expected to play. With just 16 yards away from his eighth consecutive 1,000-yard season, Kelce’s quest for this milestone holds enough importance for the team to give him an opportunity to achieve it. The risk of injury in a meaningless game is present, but for Kelce, the pursuit of his streak seems to outweigh the potential drawbacks.