Kellyanne Conway Returns to Fox News, Delighting Jimmy Kimmel with Her Fiery Take on the New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire, USA – Late night host Jimmy Kimmel was highly entertained by the extensive media coverage of the recent New Hampshire primary election. Among the notable figures making appearances on television was Kellyanne Conway, who joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to provide her analysis of President Trump’s declaration of victory. Kimmel humorously remarked on Conway’s return, jokingly referring to her as a “bleached blonde she-demon blowing her vape smoke up Trump’s burnt orange crevice.”

Despite being out of the spotlight for some time, Conway displayed her characteristic sharpness. In a seemingly pointed remark about Nikki Haley, she suggested that the former ambassador may become an “election denier.” Additionally, Conway assured Fox News viewers that Trump will continue to be “incredibly gracious.” Kimmel couldn’t help but burst into laughter at this assertion, sarcastically agreeing that Trump is indeed “full of graciousness.”

Kimmel also agreed with Trump’s criticism of Haley’s premature victory speech in New Hampshire. He shared that Trump reportedly spent the night seething about it, noting that pretending to win even when you’ve lost is Trump’s signature move. Kimmel playfully scolded Haley, stating that imitating Trump’s behavior was not cool.

In conclusion, Kimmel’s commentary on the New Hampshire primary coverage provided a humorous take on Conway’s return and highlighted his agreement with Trump on Haley’s premature victory speech. While the late night host found entertainment value in the political theater, his remarks also hinted at a critical perspective of the actions and statements of certain public figures.