Kelsey Grammer Calls for Closure with Diane Chambers in ‘Frasier’ Reboot

LOS ANGELES: Kelsey Grammer, the actor known for his role as Dr. Frasier Crane, has expressed his desire for Shelley Long’s character Diane Chambers to make a return in the upcoming Frasier reboot. Although he doesn’t have plans for other Cheers characters to appear in the new sitcom, Grammer believes that Diane Chambers deserves closure.

During an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Grammer stated, “I would like to see Diane come back. For one of those reasons of Frasier to be able to put something to bed. To end up with a nice thing between them.”

Grammer emphasized the importance of Diane’s presence in Frasier’s life, stating, “When I first got the role, the key to Frasier for me was that he loved her with his whole heart, that he loved with all of his being. And that actually defined who he is and he’s been that way ever since. He just goes in wholeheartedly with everything — and that’s what makes him funny.”

Diane Chambers, portrayed by Shelley Long, was introduced in Season 3 of Cheers as a love interest for Frasier Crane. She also made several appearances in dream sequences during the original Frasier series. The new Frasier reboot brings Dr. Crane back to Boston, but the Cheers bar is closed, prompting the character’s relocation.

Although Grammer initially wanted to bring back the entire legacy cast in a different setting where they would still be connected, that idea was rejected. Instead, the new series focuses on Frasier’s return to Boston to confront unfinished business. Grammer explained, “He didn’t leave Boston the right way.”

The actor also revealed that the show will pay tribute to John Mahoney, who played Frasier’s father on the original sitcom. Grammer expressed emotional sentiments about Mahoney’s passing and stated, “We can’t do the show again without honoring John. And it has to begin with the fact that John is gone and dad is gone, and so then, I become dad.”

As fans anticipate the Frasier reboot, Grammer’s interview offers insight into the direction and themes of the upcoming series. With hopes for closure and a reconnection with Diane Chambers, viewers can look forward to seeing how Frasier Crane’s story unfolds.