Kristen Stewart Honored for Starring Roles in Two Premieres at 2024 Sundance Film Festival

PARK CITY, UTAH – Kristen Stewart, known for her diverse roles, has been making waves at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. During the Variety Sundance Cover Party presented by United Airlines, Stewart was honored for her performances in two highly anticipated premieres: “Love Me” and “Loves Lies Bleeding.” In “Love Me,” a post-apocalyptic romance film, she stars alongside Steven Yeun. In “Loves Lies Bleeding,” a crime thriller backed by A24, Stewart portrays a reclusive gym manager who falls for a local bodybuilder.

Returning to Sundance, Stewart expressed her appreciation for a festival that supports marginalized voices. She described it as a solidifying and communal experience that strengthens her resolve in a world of rejection. Sundance, for her, feels like a gathering of actors she admires, such as Evan Rachel Wood, Jena Malone, and Natalie Portman. Stewart even reminisced about being present at Sundance the year “Garden State” premiered, expressing her admiration for the film and its leading lady.

In the making of “Love Lies Bleeding,” Stewart had the opportunity to work with acclaimed actors Ed Harris and Jena Malone. She praised their talent and admitted to being stunned by their performances. Stewart shared an intense on-screen moment with Malone, describing a scene where Malone’s character unexpectedly screamed in her face, creating an unscripted moment of raw emotion. This experience further deepened their connection as actors and added to their mutual admiration.

Anna Baryshnikov, Stewart’s co-star in “Love Lies Bleeding,” joined the Variety Sundance Cover Party to show her support. Baryshnikov described Stewart as a genuine and hardworking artist who is passionate and knowledgeable about film. She shared an anecdote about a scene they filmed together where Baryshnikov’s hands were shaking so much that she blew out her on-screen cigarette. Instead of scolding her, Stewart reassured her that they wanted actors who cared deeply about the film.

At the party, directors Andrew Zuchero and Sam Zuchero, who helmed “Love Me,” also showed their support for Stewart. Other attendees included actor Gianni Paolo and activist Alok. The evening celebrated Stewart’s achievements and highlighted the talent and dedication she brings to her craft.

The 2024 Sundance Film Festival has been a platform for Kristen Stewart to showcase her remarkable performances. From her starring roles to her interactions with fellow actors, Stewart’s journey at Sundance has been one of growth, admiration, and artistic collaboration. As the festival continues, audiences will eagerly await the opportunity to see Stewart’s captivating and diverse performances on the big screen.