Lala Kent Emotionally Discusses Custody Battle with Randall Emmett on Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Premiere

Los Angeles, CA – Lala Kent, a reality television star known for her appearances on “Vanderpump Rules,” opened up about her ongoing custody battle with Randall Emmett on the show’s season 11 premiere. In an emotional confession, Kent discussed her desire to ensure the well-being of her 2-year-old daughter, Ocean, while navigating the challenges of co-parenting with Emmett.

Kent expressed her ultimate goal of prioritizing Ocean’s well-being and mentioned Emmett’s concerns about their daughter being featured on “Vanderpump Rules.” However, Kent clarified that she is solely focused on having a final say on matters pertaining to education and health, rather than exploiting her daughter’s involvement in the show.

As Kent faces this difficult situation, she has been living in the same apartment complex as her mother, Lisa Burningham, and her brother, Easton Burningham. During a conversation with her mom, Kent discussed the emotional toll the custody battle has taken on her, admitting to frequent bouts of tears. Kent believes that going through these emotions is necessary for her own healing and to be a positive role model for her child.

Coinciding with the episode’s airing, Kent revealed her plans to conceive a second child via intrauterine insemination (IUI) following her split from Randall in 2021. Kent expressed her desire for more children and emphasized that finding a partner should not be a prerequisite for starting a family.

By openly discussing her journey, Kent hopes to destigmatize IUI and shed light on the process of placing sperm directly into the uterus. Kent firmly stated that she will not take any risks when it comes to having a child and firmly believes that finding a life partner does not determine one’s ability to bring a child into the world.

During the season premiere, Kent found herself in controversy when she admitted to having conflicted feelings about Rachel Leviss, a former co-star who had an affair with Tom Sandoval while he was dating Ariana Madix. Kent attributed her conflicting emotions to the tumultuous nature of her relationship with Randall, drawing on her personal experiences of being involved with a man who deceived her.

In an unexpected move, Kent reached out to Leviss via a voice message on Instagram after discussing the situation with Lisa Vanderpump. Despite the potential conflicts between Kent and Madix, they ended their conversation on a positive note and embraced each other.

When asked about her decision to extend an olive branch to Leviss, Kent mentioned that she empathized with Leviss’ experience of being isolated by Sandoval and felt that Leviss needed to apologize sincerely once the dust had settled.

Season 11 of “Vanderpump Rules” airs on Bravo, giving viewers a glimpse into the ongoing personal and emotional challenges faced by Kent and the rest of the cast.