Lee Young Ae and Cast Bid Bittersweet Farewell as ‘Maestra: Strings of Truth’ Finale Approaches

SEOUL, South Korea – The popular Korean drama “Maestra: Strings of Truth” is coming to an end tonight, and the stars of the show have shared their thoughts ahead of the series finale. Lead actress Lee Young Ae, who plays Cha Se Eum, a talented conductor with hidden secrets, expressed her sadness about the drama coming to a close. She expressed gratitude to the conductor, musicians, director, writer, and the entire cast and crew for their hard work in creating the music drama. She also thanked the viewers for their love and support.

Lee Moo Saeng, another cast member, thanked the viewers for watching the drama and expressed his appreciation to the director, writer, and crew. He also mentioned that he hopes to show a new side of himself in future projects.

Kim Young Jae, who played the character Kim Pil in the drama, reflected on his experience portraying a revolting character and the challenge of bringing him to life. Despite the difficulties, he expressed gratitude to his co-stars and the production team.

Hwang Bo Reum Byeol, who played the violinist Roo Na in the drama, shared her memories of preparing for the role and expressed her hope for healthy relationships in real life. She thanked the viewers for their support and investment in the drama.

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” is based on the French series “Philharmonia” and has captivated audiences with its thrilling storyline and talented cast. The final episode will air tonight at 9:20 p.m. KST.

In conclusion, the cast members of “Maestra: Strings of Truth” expressed their gratitude to the viewers, as well as the director, writer, and crew. They shared their thoughts on their characters and the experience of working on the drama. The series finale is highly anticipated, as fans eagerly await the resolution of the captivating storyline.