Lisa Vanderpump Rules Out Reconciliation with Kyle Richards in the Wake of Recent Separation

Los Angeles, CA – Lisa Vanderpump, star of the reality show “Vanderpump Rules,” has stated that she does not see a reconciliation with former friend Kyle Richards in her future. Vanderpump recently discussed the status of their relationship and whether she planned to reach out to Richards following her separation from husband Mauricio Umansky. Vanderpump expressed that she believes the chance for a reconciliation has passed and that she has been very honest with Richards about her feelings.

The once-close friends, Vanderpump and Richards, had a falling out during Season Nine of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2019. The dispute centered around the “Puppygate” storyline, stemming from a dog adoption by cast member Dorit Kemsley. The falling out resulted in Vanderpump leaving the show, and their friendship has never recovered.

Vanderpump shared her thoughts on Richards’ recent separation from Umansky, stating that she felt sad for her former friend. She acknowledged that Richards had always portrayed her marriage as perfect, and she hoped that they would find their way back to each other. Richards, on the other hand, has described uncomfortable run-ins with Vanderpump in the past, including an incident where she reportedly hid to avoid speaking with her.

The two former friends have also had differing accounts of a “dine and dash” incident in 2021. Richards accused Vanderpump of leaving her with the bill at a restaurant, while Vanderpump denied the allegation and claimed it was a misunderstanding.

During a game on “Watch What Happens Live” with her daughters, Richards revealed that she only missed her friendship with Vanderpump to a minimal extent. She later expressed her contentment with their current situation and stated that she had important people in her life who supported her.

At BravoCon in 2023, Vanderpump expressed empathy for Richards and Umansky while also acknowledging the strained relationship between her and Richards. She mentioned that it was difficult to come back from being called a liar and praised Richards’ long and successful marriage.

Despite their history and ongoing feud, Richards responded positively to Vanderpump’s comments, considering them to be sweet. She also affirmed her love for her husband and viewed their marriage as a success story.

In conclusion, the once-tight friendship between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards seems unlikely to be repaired. Their conflicts over the past few years and their differing accounts of various incidents have fueled the ongoing feud. Both Vanderpump and Richards have expressed their perspectives and wishes for the future, but it remains unclear if any reconciliation is possible.