Marc-Andre Fleury Ties Patrick Roy’s Record in Dramatic Overtime Victory

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Pascal Vincent, the former coach of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, has a long history with Marc-Andre Fleury. Vincent first discovered Fleury at age 15, and despite initial plans to send him back to midget until he turned 16, Fleury’s exceptional talent kept him on the team. Now, two decades later, Fleury has tied his childhood idol, Patrick Roy, for the second-most regular-season victories in NHL history. Vincent, who coached Fleury from 2000 to 2004, had the unique experience of standing behind the opposite bench as Fleury achieved this milestone.

Vincent spoke highly of Fleury’s character and talent, praising him as not only a Hall of Fame goaltender but also as an amazing person. Throughout his career, Fleury has excelled with his competitive nature and determination, which Vincent witnessed firsthand when he pulled the young goalie from a game years ago. Even in that moment, Fleury’s dedication to his role as a goalie was evident, as he prioritized his responsibilities on the bench despite being disappointed about being pulled.

During the recent game between the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets, Fleury put on a show, making spectacular saves and demonstrating his signature style. But it was Marco Rossi’s overtime goal that sealed the Wild’s 4-3 victory. After the game, Rossi and his teammates celebrated the win and had the opportunity to meet Fleury, whom they admire for his incredible skills and accomplishments. The win was especially meaningful for the Wild, as they had been on a four-game losing streak and were determined to get back on track.

Fleury, who idolized Roy and grew up as a Canadiens fan, expressed his honor in tying “Saint Patrick” in regular-season wins. However, he emphasized that his focus was on the team’s victory and the collective effort of his teammates. Despite facing 28 shots from Columbus, Fleury remained composed and helped his team secure the win.

As the game progressed, both Boldy and Rossi rebounded from a subpar performance in their previous game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Their ability to bounce back and contribute to the team’s success highlighted their growth as young players. The Wild’s victory was a testament to the hard work and resilience of both the veterans and the young talent on the team.

While Fleury’s milestone was a significant achievement, he remains humble and eager to move forward. His next target is surpassing Martin Brodeur for the most wins in NHL history. Fleury and the Wild will have another opportunity to add to their win column in their upcoming game against the Dallas Stars.

In summary, Marc-Andre Fleury’s remarkable career and his ties to his former coach Pascal Vincent were on full display during the game between the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets. Fleury’s exceptional skills and dedication have propelled him to the top ranks of NHL goaltenders. He remains focused on his team’s success and continues to impress both his teammates and opponents alike.