“Marry My Husband” Maintains No. 1 Ratings Streak with Park Min Young and Na In Woo

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — The drama series “Marry My Husband” on tvN has achieved another week of impressive ratings, securing its position as the top-rated show. The latest episode, which starred Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon, recorded an average nationwide viewership rating of 6.4 percent. This is a 0.5 percent increase from the previous episode and marks the drama’s highest rating since its premiere.

In contrast, KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion,” featuring Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji, experienced a dip in ratings with its second episode. The average nationwide rating for the episode was 2.8 percent, compared to the premiere episode’s 4.3 percent.

Another drama, “Tell Me You Love Me,” featuring Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been, saw a slight increase in ratings. The episode garnered an average nationwide rating of 1.6 percent.

These ratings results highlight the ongoing success of “Marry My Husband” and demonstrate the viewers’ strong interest in the storyline. The talented cast and crew behind the drama can celebrate their achievement in maintaining the top spot in the ratings.

Viewers can catch up on the first two episodes of “Love Song for Illusion” and also watch Park Min Young’s previous drama, “Love in Contract.”

Overall, the ratings for these dramas provide insight into the preferences of Korean viewers and offer a glimpse into the competitive landscape of the television industry.