“Marry My Husband” Surges with Impressive Ratings, Sets New Personal Best

Seoul, South Korea – The tvN drama “Marry My Husband” is gaining popularity among viewers. With an average nationwide viewership rating of 9.8 percent, the January 29 broadcast saw a 1.2 percent increase from the previous episode, setting a new personal best record for the show, according to Nielsen Korea.

On the other hand, KBS2’s “Love Song for Illusion” also experienced an uptick in ratings for its eighth episode. The drama achieved an average nationwide rating of 2.4 percent, up from its previous episode’s rating of 1.8 percent.

The cast and crew of “Marry My Husband” can now celebrate their success as they continue to captivate audiences with their performances.

In the competitive world of K-dramas, earning high ratings is crucial for the success and longevity of a show. The steady increase in viewership for “Marry My Husband” indicates that the drama is resonating with the audience and keeping them engaged.

These rising ratings are not just a reflection of the quality of acting and storytelling, but also of the overall production value of the show. The production team behind “Marry My Husband” deserves recognition for their efforts in creating a captivating and compelling drama that keeps viewers coming back for more.

The success of “Love Song for Illusion” also demonstrates its appeal to viewers. With its own rating boost, the drama is proving to be a worthy competitor in the K-drama landscape.

As the battle for viewership continues, both dramas are positioned to make their mark in the industry. Viewers who have been following these shows can look forward to more captivating episodes and thrilling storylines.

Overall, the increasing ratings for “Marry My Husband” and “Love Song for Illusion” showcase the strength and diversity of the K-drama industry. With each episode, these dramas demonstrate their ability to captivate audiences and provide quality entertainment.

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