Mauricio Umansky’s Antics in Aspen Test Kyle Richards’ Patience in Post-Split Holiday Reunion

Aspen, Colorado – The holiday season can be a challenging time for estranged couples, especially when trying to maintain a sense of civility, especially for the sake of their children. However, it appears that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky experienced a moment of tension during their recent holiday gathering.

Umansky, the founder of The Agency, raised eyebrows with his behavior, shedding light on his priorities post-split. He was seen enjoying the nightlife and even taking his shirt off on various occasions, much to Richards’ dismay.

Sources close to the couple revealed that Richards and Umansky had agreed to spend the holidays together in Colorado to bring their four daughters under one roof. However, Umansky’s night out with much younger social influencers, including Alexandra Wolfe and Lele Pons, caused a breach in their understanding.

“It’s fine for Kyle and Mauricio to do their own thing, as long as they don’t embarrass each other,” an insider explained. “But Mauricio has clearly struck a nerve.”

In recent months, there has been speculation that Richards was dating country singer Morgan Wade. Despite their differences, the couple still tries to look the other way and navigate their challenging situation.

There could be several reasons why Richards and Umansky are hesitant to finalize their divorce, with their net worth of $100 million being one of them. For now, their focus seems to be on finding normalcy amidst their separation.

During a recent interview, Richards expressed both happiness and ongoing struggles. She described the situation as new to her since she has been married for her entire adult life.

“We still live in the same house and spent the holidays together,” Richards shared. “I have no idea how long we’ll stay like this, but we’re trying to be as normal as possible in a very abnormal situation.”

Despite their separation, Richards emphasized that they still love each other and attend therapy sessions together. Uncertainty about the future remains challenging for both parties.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to observe how Richards and Umansky’s interactions evolve. Meanwhile, their marital drama continues to play out on the reality television show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

In conclusion, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky experienced tensions during their holiday gathering in Aspen, Colorado. Umansky’s behavior and associations raised concerns, highlighting the challenges they face in their separation. While their net worth and desire for normalcy may contribute to their hesitance in finalizing their divorce, the couple remains committed to making things work and attending therapy together. The future remains uncertain, and the dynamics of their relationship will continue to unfold on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”