Mixed R eactions Surround Mohanlal Starrer ‘Malaikottai Vaaliban’ as Director Addresses Controversy

KOCHI, India – In the wake of polarizing reviews for the recently released film “Malaikottai Vaaliban,” director Lijo Jose Pellissery expressed confusion over the negative campaign against the movie during a press conference in Kochi. The Mohanlal starrer, which hit theaters on January 25, has garnered mixed reviews, with some labeling it as below average while others praise its exceptional qualities.

Pellissery hinted at the possibility of a sequel or prequel to the film but noted that this would be challenging if the public does not embrace the current installment. The director’s comments come in response to the initial feedback and serve as a defense of the film’s merits.

While the majority of reviews have been unfavorable within just three days of its release, the press meeting revealed a different narrative. Many netizens rallied in support of Pellissery and the film, highlighting the exceptional performances by Mohanlal and the captivating storyline. According to one user, “I believe this cult-classic film is exceptional, with outstanding performances by Lalettan and a captivating storyline. The climax is truly awesome. It’s a wonderful movie, not just a cliché mass film.” Another user criticized the negative commentary surrounding Mohanlal’s films, stating that it reflects the critics’ character more than the quality of the movie.

Critics speculate that the negative reactions to the film stem from a disparity between audience expectations and the movie’s actual genre. Additionally, some suggest that the criticism intensified after a fans’ show, leading to connections being drawn between the negative reviews and this specific screening.

Despite the mixed reception, “Malaikottai Vaaliban” continues to generate buzz and divide opinions. Pellissery’s dedication to defending the film’s artistic merits and addressing the negative campaign demonstrates his commitment to his work and the creative vision behind it. As the film’s fate hangs in the balance, it remains to be seen whether it will find success, a sequel, or a prequel in the future.